Unlocking Your Creative Side is the Key to this Artwork that Re-Purposes Door Hardware



Finished project hanging just inside our front door.

As most of you know, I like to cruise the thrift stores looking for projects that spark some imagination inside. The only thing that revs me up more than a trip to a thrift store is going to an architectural salvage shop. I’ve been to Second Chance a time or two, but always leave feeling unfulfilled. They have some great stuff there, but I always Continue reading

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Man Builds Time Machine out of Art Deco Armoire or TARDIS Storage Cabinet With More Room on the Inside

tardis-before-afterDo what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!


This is a story about time travel. Well sort of… It is a story about the creation of a time machine/space craft or more specifically Time And Relative Dimension in Space (TARDIS). It has taken me a while to create this post due to the fact the Time Lords were not on my side. This project took a long time to complete. I have to travel back in time to when it all started. Over a year ago, I was thinking of making a TARDIS storage container. I just wanted a basic one like everyone else has. You might be asking yourself, why a TARDIS storage container, but you already know the answer. That’s right, because it’s larger on the inside. Continue reading

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Industrial Coffee Table From Tired Goodwill Find

img_8688While searching through the goodwill, I saw this table that I thought had potential. I had just finished redoing my family room (I’ll post that adventure someday) and I was looking for a coffee table to put in front of the new couch. in the middle of a bunch of press-wood IKEA type furniture and some old flowery sofas, I saw this glass and metal table and thought it had some features. I this it was priced at $25 and I figured the tempered table top was worth at least that much, even if my “remodel” did not work out. I likes the metal crisscross pattern underneath the glass, but it seemed kind of useless with the gaping holes that it Continue reading

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From Old School to Real Cool (chair re-due)

Finished Chair

Finished Chair

I’ve been looking for a desk chair for a small desk upstairs. The desk currently has a padded wheeled chair but honestly it is not very comfortable. Also, If you know me, I am a bit of a chair snob. Well not really a snob, but I do have preferences and it is hard for me to get past them. The number one thing I like in a desk chair is a nice firm back.

I guess I like firmness in other chairs as well. When we were looking for a dining room set, we would find nice tables but when I’d test out the chairs I’d turn the set down. It took a while till we found a set that both looked good and had chairs I approved of. Continue reading

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Spending Time ON the Dog House

finishedYes, yes, it is true! I like to keep things around the house “just in case” there is a need for it later. This is not a habit (read: borderline hording) that is favored by everyone in the house. If I am not freecycling something, I find myself removing the hardware and any other useful bits I might find a need for later and stowing them away for another day.

There is nothing the naysayers like less then when I pull out some item that is perfectly suited for the next project.

One such day when my store of items came in handy was in creating a game storage center for the Humane Society of Harford County (HSHC). Working on a Girl Scouts contribution project, we looked at the Society’s  wish list where I saw that they needed some sort of container for games and crafts. I assumed that they kept these around for kids to play with while the parents filled out paperwork.

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Electrifying Ye Old Kerosene Lamp

Copper and brass double wick kerosene lamp before electification

Copper and brass double wick kerosene lamp before electification

I picked up this copper and brass double wick kerosene lamp the other day at a sale. I can’t remember how much it cost, but I think I grabbed the antique for under $10.

Looking at the solder joints around the base, I figured this was not a good candidate for using as an actual kerosene lamp, not to mention I never use the ones I already own. I liked the looks of this lamp especially the silver (maybe nickel plated) reflector plate for the lamp.

Wanting to create some sort of Edison bulb light for a while, I figured what better time than now to give it a go. Continue reading

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Thrist Store Find to Steampunk Showpiece

During a remodel of the family room, I determined that the current entertainment center needed to be replaced with something cooler. The existing center had already been through one makeover, so I started to look for a new piece. I am not sure why I have such a hard time just buying something out of a store, but I just like having something I created.

I started getting enamored with industrial and steampunk themes during my search. I began searching through the thrift stores, Goodwills, and used furniture shops. It seems like everyone must be reclaiming furniture because finding a good starter piece was challenging.

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