Math Without Sleep

I never really thought much about my lack of sleep and how it plays with my ability to think but yesterday I noticed a weird development. I was a little bored so I was surfing the web. I came along a free online PRAXIS-I exam and figured I see how well I would do on the math portion. I was amazed at how simple the math portions looked and always wonder about the people who actually need help with this and places that teach reviews for this stuff. To me it is a piece of cake. Then again… there are two other sections on grammar and reading… I may be the fool there and would need help. I started the test and as expected I laughingly cruised through the first third of the problems. By the time I got half way through, I was actually having difficulty finishing the problems. I was zoning out and I could not focus long enough to solve the problems. I mean easy problems. I would look at them and declare victory but the simple math was painful.  It is amazing how my brain was slowed. I am wondering now how much my lack of sleep affects the other aspects of my work and life.

When I am at work and trying to solve a non-mathematical question or writing something, I notice that I get tired but never think that possibly my brain is not working or thinking smart. I also get distracted easily and I am wondering if it is the sleep more than the boredom of the task. I am going to try and spend an entire week getting 8hrs of sleep a night but I’ve said/tried that before and it never seems to work. I’ll try. Who knows, maybe with more sleep, I can save some money by cutting back on the LARGE amount of sodas I down on a daily basis.

There are just so many things I want to do and sleep always tends to get in the way of them. I will probably never be able to force myself to get more sleep.


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