Old Entertainment Center meets New TV

There comes a time in every family room’s life when the old classic Entertainment Center that held that 300 lbs. 27″ TV meets up with a new sleek modern flat TV. We had such a meeting a while back. The biggest problem when the new larger TV meets the old entertainment center is there is no room for the new device, but you are probably also out of cash if you commandeered a nice new set. We had a nice center with closing doors, bookshelves on both sides and a lot of storage underneath,


Original Entertainment Center

I really did not realize how much storage was underneath until I later tried to move it all.

Once I realized that the new TV that I picked up on a Black Friday special was not going to fit, I only had a few options.

1. Remove the old unit and place the TV on the floor

2. Remove the old unit and buy a new stand or

3. Somehow make the original unit work.

I choose option #3. Right there in the middle of the family room, I laid each piece down and started to saw the the tops off.

Sawing Tops

Lining up to saw the tops off.

This produced a large amount of dust even while holding the Dyson close to the saw trying to capture the flying wood particles.

Chopped Entertainment Center

Chopped Entertainment Center

I did a good job getting even cuts on the 3 separate pieces and I re-positioned them in their original location. The Center’s width was about 7′ across.I bought a piece of birch plywood and some pine trim. I cut the plywood to size and tacked the trim around the new wood. Amazingly the stain/varnish I found matched the old unit perfectly and I placed it on top.

Center with New Top.

Center with New Top.

The final piece turned out very nice. For only a few dollars and some time I was able to use my new TV and retain all the storage that I so desperately need.


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1 Response to Old Entertainment Center meets New TV

  1. Great job! It looks awesome! Much better use of space than the original. 🙂

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