Footlocker Re-purpose

footlocker with patina

footlocker with patina

This entry should really start with a disclaimer.

While yes, I am repurposing this foot locker, the story and existing patina would never allow me to do anything major to this piece.

As the story goes, my fathers brother brought this footlocker back from WWII. I do not have a lot of details, but the fact that there is foreign writing on the front congers up all kinds of history I wish I had access too. Alas, my uncle has passed away.

bottom 1

adding the caster wheels with carriage bolts

Basically I just added some nice casters to the piece and it now resides in the family room, on display holding all my DVDs. The rubberized wheels make it easy to move this around without harming the wood floors. I would normally have attached these with normal nuts and bolts, but using the carriage bolts allowed me to attache the wheels without the need to drill completely through the bottom.


This shot also contains my craftsman drill. I find it very interesting that it has an adjustable torque head or clutch. When I bought it at Sears, I was looking for a drill with such a head. While every cordless drill has this type of head, none of the corded drills had them. I actually found mine in the clearance center. There is a lot of discussion on the old web about why this phenomenon exists, mostly  involving that cordless drills are sold as drill/drivers but I am not sure why. If you like the clutch on your cordless drill/driver but want a corded version you’ll have to look hard to find one. currently I could only find two from Ryobi. The D48ck and the D47ck.

caster wheels attached

caster wheels attached


footlocker inside (with caster wheels on)

footlocker inside (with caster wheels on)

The footlocker has an amazing dark blue paint job and has been banged up and beat around just enough to expose some wood and what I assume is red primer.

I am finishing with a close-up of the Japanese writing on the front plate. Feel free to interpret the writing and let me know what is says, I’d love to know.

front plate Japanese WWI footlocker

front plate Japanese WWI footlocker




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