Industrial Coffee Table From Tired Goodwill Find

img_8688While searching through the goodwill, I saw this table that I thought had potential. I had just finished redoing my family room (I’ll post that adventure someday) and I was looking for a coffee table to put in front of the new couch. in the middle of a bunch of press-wood IKEA type furniture and some old flowery sofas, I saw this glass and metal table and thought it had some features. I this it was priced at $25 and I figured the tempered table top was worth at least that much, even if my “remodel” did not work out. I likes the metal crisscross pattern underneath the glass, but it seemed kind of useless with the gaping holes that it created. I figured large magazines would workout, but anything smaller would just end up on the floor.


The lonely table in its natural habitat with bad furniture and a plastic plant

I had some old shelving that I had acquired back when I was making bird houses for the local nature center. I had just enough material to cover the bottom of the crisscross shelf that  was below the glass. now I just had to decide how to attach it. I could have just laid it on top of the existing metal, but I liked the metal pattern. I figured since I wanted more of an industrial feel, I would use large bolts to attach the shelving boards.


Adding large bolts to hold on the shelving and provide a more industrial feel.

Here is a picture of the the boards when they were being attached. I drilled holes at each intersection, placed the shelving boards underneath and drilled through them as well. The bolts are both “decorative” and functional as they beef up the style while holding the shelving. The metal was thin and not too hard to drill through. You can also tell here that I sprayed the metal a dark weathered bronze.


Using Rust-Oleum Forged Hammered spray paint. The color and texture cam out fantastic. It really gave me the look I was going for!
Just for good measure, and to give the table a little Steampunk vibe, I attached an old clock winding to one of the corners. Two coats of paint, some new bolts, old shelving and some Windex sure turned this table around or maybe just replacing the plastic plant with  1/2 of an old pair of binoculars did it.


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