Man Builds Time Machine out of Art Deco Armoire or TARDIS Storage Cabinet With More Room on the Inside

tardis-before-afterDo what I do. Hold tight and pretend it’s a plan!


This is a story about time travel. Well sort of… It is a story about the creation of a time machine/space craft or more specifically Time And Relative Dimension in Space (TARDIS). It has taken me a while to create this post due to the fact the Time Lords were not on my side. This project took a long time to complete. I have to travel back in time to when it all started. Over a year ago, I was thinking of making a TARDIS storage container. I just wanted a basic one like everyone else has. You might be asking yourself, why a TARDIS storage container, but you already know the answer. That’s right, because it’s larger on the inside.

img_8912I was looking at Craigslist when I found an offer for an armoire at a used furniture shop. When I arrived at the used furniture shop (OK the shop was more used junk) I found my new project. I had recently seen someone convert a dresser into a London Double Decker Bus so maybe that is where the idea came from.
A short walk through the store and I came across the old Art DecoWaterfall’ armoire. I knew with a little work, I could be successful. I’d have to take out some of the 1930’s Wibbly Wobbly, perform some updating, and add some Timey Wimey to make a perfect TARDIS storage container.

No joking, the cabinet was wobbly. I put in some structural braces and the shelf rails to sure-up and square things.img_0415 I gadoorve the inside a coat of paint and started on the conversion. I used some masking tape to rough out the windows and door moldings before I started. Once I got an idea for the outline, I used some lattice trim to create the 3D paneled doors. Because the cabinet was wider than deep, I modified the side dimensions so that I could squeeze 2 fake doors on both sides.

As I was building the doors, I had to take off the old door handles, patch the old holes, and replaced them with some that were more appropriate for a Phone Box. I found some trim that was the same depth as the lattice for the windows, but they would be the last part of the construction.

I then went on a search for the infamous “TARDIS Blue”. This is not really hard, but as you all know, over the years there have been a few different colors. If I remember correctly the guy at HomeDepot had specs on TARDIS Blue. As I painted the outside, the old wood sucked up the new paint like a sponge. I forget how many layers I had to apply, but there were a few! Before the final coats, I figured it was a good time to start working on the light.

lighthdThe lighting cost about $55.00. I found a Lithonia Lighting VC150I M12 Incandescent Utility Vapor Tight Ceiling Mount at Home Depot for about ($24). This looked just like what I was looking for. With a quick spray with some blue spray paint ($5), It looked just right. I then bought a low profile right angled extension cord ($8) for wiring. I wanted a low profile plug so that I could set the finished project up close against the wall.  plugFinally, so I could use the light for different tasks, I also got a Lutron Skylark Contour 150-Watt Single-Pole/3-Way Preset CFL-LED Dimmer in Black ($20).
Add in an electrical box and some wire nuts, and I was ready to wire it up. The wiring was no problem since I’ve done it before and all the parts were fresh. I am so glad that I bought the dimmer. It lets the light be used to brighten the whole room, as well as, function as a night light to guard against Daleks.

img_3455Right about here is where the project really stalled. Winter came and so did the start of a few more projects. The garage was cold and I got busy. Even when the weather got warmer, I still could not get back to the project right away.

Travel forward in time a bit to where I finally found time to put on the last coat of paint on and reattach the doors. I must say it was looking good. The only thing left (you know how that goes, the last 10% takes 90% of the time) was the sign and windows. I needed some help for this, so I asked one of the artists in the house. They were not really motivated to help me, so I thought if I brought it inside I might motivate them better. Well, it sat literally in the middle of the kitchen for over a month till things started to happen.The letters for the Police Public Call Box was put on by creating some custom stencils and the windows were painted without the frames for simplicity.


WOW! You can see from the pictures how much the addition of the sign and widows really made the thing pop. I added the previously cut and painted window frames, tightened up the hinges with my sonic screwdriver and she is was ready to fly, or travel, or whatever these things do. All that remained was to cut the shelving.


I hope you enjoyed this blog. If you have any questions or comments, pleas enter them below.

Oh, By The Way, This baby went up for sale and I think I have a buyer. I’ll let you know when she’s gone.

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