Spending Time ON the Dog House

finishedYes, yes, it is true! I like to keep things around the house “just in case” there is a need for it later. This is not a habit (read: borderline hording) that is favored by everyone in the house. If I am not freecycling something, I find myself removing the hardware and any other useful bits I might find a need for later and stowing them away for another day.

There is nothing the naysayers like less then when I pull out some item that is perfectly suited for the next project.

One such day when my store of items came in handy was in creating a game storage center for the Humane Society of Harford County (HSHC). Working on a Girl Scouts contribution project, we looked at the Society’s  wish list where I saw that they needed some sort of container for games and crafts. I assumed that they kept these around for kids to play with while the parents filled out paperwork.

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Electrifying Ye Old Kerosene Lamp

Copper and brass double wick kerosene lamp before electification

Copper and brass double wick kerosene lamp before electification

I picked up this copper and brass double wick kerosene lamp the other day at a sale. I can’t remember how much it cost, but I think I grabbed the antique for under $10.

Looking at the solder joints around the base, I figured this was not a good candidate for using as an actual kerosene lamp, not to mention I never use the ones I already own. I liked the looks of this lamp especially the silver (maybe nickel plated) reflector plate for the lamp.

Wanting to create some sort of Edison bulb light for a while, I figured what better time than now to give it a go. Continue reading

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Thrist Store Find to Steampunk Showpiece

During a remodel of the family room, I determined that the current entertainment center needed to be replaced with something cooler. The existing center had already been through one makeover, so I started to look for a new piece. I am not sure why I have such a hard time just buying something out of a store, but I just like having something I created.

I started getting enamored with industrial and steampunk themes during my search. I began searching through the thrift stores, Goodwills, and used furniture shops. It seems like everyone must be reclaiming furniture because finding a good starter piece was challenging.

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Tripod Globe Holder

Globe on Tripod

Globe on Tripod

I was at a very interesting estate sale the other day and picked up a few items.

I don’t usually frequent estate sales, but this one was amazing. The home owner, who had recently passed, was a science teacher, watch repairman and a wood worker. I am now kicking myself for not picking up more items, but I can’t house the world. When I see a old brass BAUSCH & LOMB Microscope, I love it, I know it is totally cool, but really, what an I going to fdo with it? Where can I use it? I wish I had more time to sell items on ebay, but I’m really lazy when it comes to selling things. I tend to give them away on freecycle.org. Continue reading

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Footlocker Re-purpose

footlocker with patina

footlocker with patina

This entry should really start with a disclaimer.

While yes, I am repurposing this foot locker, the story and existing patina would never allow me to do anything major to this piece.

As the story goes, my fathers brother brought this footlocker back from WWII. I do not have a lot of details, but the fact that there is foreign writing on the front congers up all kinds of history I wish I had access too. Alas, my uncle has passed away. Continue reading

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Monster Garage Room

Monster Garage Room

Monster Garage Room

When my Nephew was 12-13 yrs old, I thought I’d go over and help him fix up his room to make it look cool. As things tend to go with me, I got a little carried away. We started with a blank room and started out to make the room a Garage Room with a kick. We started by painting the room bright yellow with a gray ceiling and orange window bump-out. We added a few nice custom objects.  Continue reading

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Old Entertainment Center meets New TV

There comes a time in every family room’s life when the old classic Entertainment Center that held that 300 lbs. 27″ TV meets up with a new sleek modern flat TV. We had such a meeting a while back. The biggest problem when the new larger TV meets the old entertainment center is there is no room for the new device, but you are probably also out of cash if you commandeered a nice new set. We had a nice center with closing doors, bookshelves on both sides and a lot of storage underneath,


Original Entertainment Center

I really did not realize how much storage was underneath until I later tried to move it all.

Once I realized that the new TV that I picked up on a Black Friday special was not going to fit, I only had a few options.

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